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Catch Clean Cook - The Caribbean's Raw Talent Unveiled in New Series

Celebrity chefs, fearless divers, Caribbean Islands, luxury homes, food, wine and cocktails are what you'll see on Catch Clean Cook - The Caribbean's reality television series debuting in Eleuthera/Harbor Island Bahamas and airing on Lifetime Real Women. Each episode's features a cast of seven as they experience the culinary value of finding fresh local produce and the challenge of eluding ocean predators to deliver the very best products of the earth to the table.

Charles Coe serves as restaurateur/executive chef with appearances by Chef Dean Max and Top Chef-winner Hung Huynh. Watching the trailer makes you hungry for the blue waters of the Bahamas and the fresh catch being pulled from the sea, as well as thirsty for the specialty cocktails they blend using local ingredients.

It remains to be seen whether the cast of characters is fascinating or just plain irritating, but I can imagine watching Catch Clean Cook in advance of whipping up your own seafood dinner and cracking a chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio.