Trinidad & Tobago

Docudrama Chronicles Tobago’s
Historic Sea Battles

History buffs with an interest in Tobago have something to cheer about. A new 90-minute film titled Tobago 1677 was recently premiered on the island at the Harbour Esplanade in Scarborough. The historical docudrama was spearheaded by Oceans Discovery Tobago LTD, in association with the Tobago House of Assembly, the Tourism Development Company Ltd and the Trinidad & Tobago Film Company.

Tobago 1677 chronicles two ferocious sea battles that took place over three centuries ago between Dutch and French warships in the waters around Trinidad and Tobago. Close to 20 shipwrecks lie sunken off Scarborough harbor virtually untouched. The film will feature computer animations that bring the warships in Scarborough harbor back to life. Set building and costume making for the film was accomplished on island, and more than 80 Tobagonians were cast to re-enact the historic event.

An Oceans Discovery statement declares: “Trinidad & Tobago’s historical shipwrecks represent a fragile, non-renewable resource that is of immense national and international archaeological and cultural significance, and which must be carefully documented, preserved and managed to ensure its long-term survival.”

The initiator for the Tobago 1677 project was Kevin Kenny who introduced this story to Rick Haupt and Sylvia Krueger at an EU-Tourism symposium in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 2004.

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