Honeymoons in Thailand

Thai Classical Dance

During your visit to Thailand, you’ll find it easy to come into contact with Thai Classical Dance. There’s a good chance you’ll see it performed in your hotel lobby or as entertainment during dinner. You’ll probably have a hard time following the story line, but the graceful movements, colorful costumes and striking masks can be appreciated by anyone.

Thai Classical Dance is accompanied by a group of five to seven musicians. The lead instrument is a Thai version of the xylophone, while other instruments might include a lute, zither, oboe, barrel drums and gong-chimes.

If you’re curious about seeing a huge show featuring Thai Classical Dance, visit the 2,000-seat Siam Niramit theater in Bangkok. The 80-minute show, which is held every evening, has 150 performers, 500 costumes, and lots of special effects.

But also keep your eye out for more low-key performances while touring the country or visiting a night market. While not as glitzy as Siam Niramit, these performances can be equally enthralling.

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